Odds & Evens

Even dealers will win over the Oddinaires

Even demonstration program from the Victoria J. Lewis Scrapbook

One unique tradition of FSCW, detailed in many of the scrapbooks, comes from the Even/Odd rivalry.  What started as the Thanksgiving Day Basketball Game in 1912 with a competition between the classes graduating in an “even year” (freshmen, junior) versus the classes graduating in an “odd” year (sophomore, senior) evolved into one of the most popular events of the year.  The Odd/Even rivalry eventually expanded to include an annual Field Day, and other school spirit events. 

Esteren & Spirogira

One of the more interesting traditions centering around the odd/even rivalry are the honor societies of Spirogira and Esteren. First, the "Odd" honor society Spirogira was founded in 1924. Its emblem was the skull and crossbones and their colors were black and white. Membership was limited to "Odd" class years. Members of Spirogira were selected for qualities of leadership, loyalty, and service to FSCW.  

The Evens created their own honor society in 1930, which they named Esteren. The members of Esteren selected a large cauldron over an outdoor fire as their symbol. According to the 1944 yearbook, The Flastocowo, "even friendship, college loyalty, service, individuality, leadership, personality...these are the ideals of Esteren, the Even honorary. These are the ideals toward which every girl who wears the silver cauldron pin strives, for the green and white of Esteren symbolizes the finest and truest in college life to these loyal Evens."