Motion pictures

Collage of movie programs from the Annie Gertrude Gilliam Scrapbook.

Annie Gertrude Gilliam

Annie Gertrude Gilliam graduated from Florida State College for Women in 1929 with her Bachelor of Science in Education. The scrapbook displayed here covers the entirety of her time as a student at FSCW. Her scrapbook is filled with collages, artistic arrangements of photographs, movie programs, and other ephemera that caught her eye.

The captions Gertrude gives to most of the items in her scrapbook help capture her personality. A package of cigarettes is captioned "Wonder what 'Dean Kerr' would say girls???" and a note requesting her prescence at a Student Government Association meetings is captioned "Guess we weren't abiding by the 'rules' like good little freshies should???" These and other captions attest to her rebellious spirit and fun-loving nature, and her use of rhetorical questions suggests that her scrapbook was made to be shared with friends.

Friends, honoraries, clubs and four years at Florida State College for Women

Opening page of the Victoria J. Lewis Scrapbook.

Victoria J. Lewis

A Miami Beach native, Victoria J. Lewis graduated from Florida State College for Women in 1944 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. The scrapbook she compiled describes her four years at FSCW through the organizations she joined and the friendships formed. The scrapbook itself is massive, standing 24" tall and 18" wide. Inside, there are pages dedicated to F Club, Esteren, and Mortified, as well as pages focusing on her friends and the inside jokes shared between them.

The 1944 Flastacowo Yearbook page dedicated to Vicki Lewis is a fitting tribute:

"V stands for vim, vigor and vitality--and for Vicki Lewis, who combines all of the above. She's happiest with the goin's tough. She loves to scale rafters, struggle with spotlights, and achieve the improbable if not impossible for the sake of Even Dem. Her hurricane-intensity brand of loyalty to friends is wonderful to behold and her enthusiasm in everything from cheerleading to the "Majors" is like a forest fire sweeping all in its path. She has a finger in everyone's pie, and knows the pulse of every group on campus. She's an encyclopedia of irrelevant campus information, and an anthology of tradition. In fact, Vicki is a tradition herself."