F club goats

F Camp photos from the Buddy Autrey Photo Album.

F Club

Founded in 1920 by the Athletic Association, the F Club was an organization of student athletes who were recognized for excellent performances in Odds/Evens games and first place finishes in Field Day events. Members were given a varisty letter "F" to wear on their sweaters. Students who earned seven letters, like Buddy Autrey (HP 2007-051), were given a special F Club emblem.

While intitally overshadowed by enthusiasm for the Odds/Evens rivalry, the F Club eventually developed its own rituals, songs, skits and even a mascot: Goat Lulu. It is one of the few FSCW clubs that continued to be active even after Florida State University was established as a co-education institution. Members of the F Club called themselves goats, and new members can be seen in a photograph from the scrapbook of Buddy Autrey (shown above left) dressed as "Baby goats," complete with horns and baby bottles.

Campus sporting events Dancing, tumbling, and archery

Physical Education

As part of the required Physical Education curriculum, students participated in many different athletic events. Starting in 1923, students were grouped into A, B, C, and D classes based on health and fitness levels. Girls in the A and B groups participated in more strenuous team sports, while girls in the C and D groups played less-intensive games or were excused from physical education. Pages from the scrapbook of Buddy Autrey (shown right) show students participating in activities as diverse as clogging, folk dancing, archery, basketball, swimming, hockey, and tumbling.