Monday is wash day at the FSWC



Monday is wash day at the FSWC


Florida State College for Women
Monroe, Kathlyn Medora


3 captioned photographs, 2 of FSCW students, one of "Cap Katzjammer," followed by an account of Kathlyn Medora Monroe's activities December 1-3, 1914


Monroe, Kathlyn Medora


Kathlyn Medora Monroe Scrapbook, 1914-1915
Heritage Protocol & University Archives
HP 2007-135


Heritage Protocol, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida


December 1914


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Monday is wash day at the F.S.W.C. Besides doing the family wash every girl washes her hair and finds the most convenient place to dry it - observe the girl hanging out of the window? Who is she I wonder? Old "Cap Katzerjammer" as he was the night of the Senior Carnival. Had a dreadful time persuading him to sit for this picture.-J.M.
"United we stand divided we fall." "Missouri" and "Bagdad" playing hands.
The crowd ready for church, Nov. 22, 1914 I was excused by sent my hat anyhow. M.D. Byrne, K. Cars, J.McMillian, W. Warrier, K

Dec. 1, 1914-Just 17 more days until we leave for "old Pensacola." Went to town with Madge Kinney this afternoon. First time I've been away for three whole weeks.
8:00 Lola is the worst traitor in the world. I wonder why? Pictures and picture Frances. Also glue. Went to Glady Comforter's Birthday Feast from 9:30 to 10:00. Had the best oats and a grand time.
Dec. 2, 1914 Just 16 more days-We've just done the same old things at the same old time in the same old place and the same old way day to day.
Dec. 3, 1914. Just 15 more days! Went to the recital given by the School of Music at 4:15 and to Mrs. Garrett's At Home at 6:45. It was decidedly the best At Home we've had. Mrs. Wheeler, Miss Elder and Miss Harris's girls afford the entertainment.


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