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Monday May 17

Describes going to the Legislature with "Cousin Angus", and contains numerous clippings from The Flambeau.

These were the best seats we could get

Contains an account of Kathlyn attending the Dramatic Club's production of "Pride and Prejudice," on February 22, 1915; another entry details picking flowers, and how Ruby "Flossy" Leach received a bunch of turnips.

Opposing page displays a 1915…


Contains a Valentine's Day collage, including correspondence, paper cut outs, and an account of how Kathlyn Medora Monroe celebrated Valentine's Day in February, 1915.

Who does you suppose this is? Reckon you don't know

The left page contains a letter addressed to Kathlyn Medora Monroe, and a program for the photo-drama Julius Caesar, with a handwritten note next to it. Opposing page contains four photographs, two photographs are of Kathlyn Medora Monroe's friend,…

Monday is wash day at the FSWC

3 captioned photographs, 2 of FSCW students, one of "Cap Katzjammer," followed by an account of Kathlyn Medora Monroe's activities December 1-3, 1914

Monday November 30

Handwritten notes on Thanksgiving(?) dinner, the Thalian Minerva Reception, and the November 30 Senior-Normal game. Includes three captioned photographs of multiple FSCW students, identified by initials, with Kathlyn Medora Monroe identified as…

The grand contest between evens and odds on Thanksgiving

HP-2007-130_004_page 4.jpg
A handwritten description of the Flambeau clippings about the Odd/Even Thanksgiving Day basketball game on the following page, with a sketch of two crossed swords above.

During the first few days of school

HP-2007-130_002_page 2.jpg
Contains two photographs of the Florida State College for Women campus, with text captions describing locations.


HP-2007-130_001_page 1.jpg
First page of the senior year scrapbook and journal of Florida State College for Women student, Marion Emerett Colman. Contains a photograph of two Florida State College for Women students in graduation regalia, followed by a poem (written by Marion…