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The girls that I knew-1914-1915

A list of autographs, hometown information, and messages from Kathlyn Medora Monroe's friends from the years 1914-1915


Autograph page from the scrapbook of Florida State College for Women student Annie Gertrude Gilliam. Includes friends' signatures, addresses, birthdays, and characteristic sayings.

Winter at Florida State College for Women

HP-2007-130_009_page 9.jpg
Contains six photographs of the Florida State College for Women students on campus, three in winter by the fountain frozen with icicles, three in warmer weather. Autographs taped into the scrapbook accompany the pictures

Ghosts of the friends who helped me celebrate my twentieth birthday

Dated March 31, 1917, pages contain eight autographs from Marion Emerett Colman's friends, folded over to give the appearance of ink blots