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  • Collection: Class of 1934 Scrapbook


HP-2007-051_004_page 4.jpg
Contains two photographs of students marching in their academic regalia. The bottom photograph contains a caption, "Class Day." There was a third photograph in the top left side of the page, it is missing.

Caps and gowns

HP-2007-051_003_page 3.jpg
Contains two photographs. The first photograph is dentified as "Carleen Lady-Jane." The second photographer includes "Ruth Tucker Bessie Hooper Sarah Hulsey Rosalie Baya." There is a space for a third photograph, but the photograph is not glued to…

19 May Day 34

HP-2007-051_002_page 2.jpg
Contains two photographs of the 1934 May Day festivities

F Club Skit

Contains three photographs, including, "F Club Skit," a group of students, a student in costume, under the caption, "Byrd," and a student identified as "Hooper cheerleader Editor of FlaStaCowo."

19-Freshmen Commission-31

HP-2007-051_005_page 5.jpg
Contains three photographs; the first photograph is a group of students, captioned "19-Freshmen Commision-31," the second photograph is a group of students in classical costumes with the caption, "19-Torch Night-34,." the third photograph is a group…