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The grand contest between evens and odds on Thanksgiving

HP-2007-130_004_page 4.jpg
A handwritten description of the Flambeau clippings about the Odd/Even Thanksgiving Day basketball game on the following page, with a sketch of two crossed swords above.

Winter at Florida State College for Women

HP-2007-130_009_page 9.jpg
Contains six photographs of the Florida State College for Women students on campus, three in winter by the fountain frozen with icicles, three in warmer weather. Autographs taped into the scrapbook accompany the pictures

My first music pupil

HP-2007-130_008_page 8.jpg
Contains five photographs, including Broward Hall in the process of construction, the fountain frozen, students, and Marion Emerett Colman's Sunday School teacher.

Senior Day, March 30

HP-2007-130_007_page 7.jpg
Contains a textual account of FSCW Senior Day, 1918. Also includes two sketches, two photographs of Florida State College for Women students in graduation regalia, and a poem about the FSCW class of 1918, written by Marion Emerett Colman(?)

I have the pleasure of sitting at the training table

HP-2007-130_006_page 6.jpg
Contains two photographs of the training table. One photograph has a text caption, the other photograph is surrounded by autographs. Above left side photograph is a text description of the training table.

Only got an average of 90 and I studied so hard

HP-2007-130_011_page 11.jpg
Contains Marion Emerett Colman's semester grades for the quarter ending November 24, 1917, beneath which is a handwritten note, "Only got an average of 90 and I studied so hard." Also contains a photograph of Marion Emerett Colman sitting beneath a…

Even yells!

HP-2007-130_005_page 5.jpg
Contains the text to multiple Even songs, with handwritten marginalia, changing some of the words. Opposing page contains an article from The Flambeau titled, "Odds Win Thanksgiving Game"

October 27, 1917

HP-2007-130_003_page 3.jpg
The journal entry for October 27, 1917; the text describes the Florida State College for Women's Halloween party. Includes two photographs of students dressed as gypsies, and an autograph with address.

The favorite offspring of a would-be author's brain

HP-2007-130_010_page 10.jpg
Contains proof plate of hymn, "O Father, Whose All-Seeing Eye," written by Marion E. Colman, advertisement for Anderson Brothers, Music Typographers and Litographers and Printers, publisher of the hymn. Adjacent page contains certificate of…

During the first few days of school

HP-2007-130_002_page 2.jpg
Contains two photographs of the Florida State College for Women campus, with text captions describing locations.