Kathlyn Medora Monroe Scrapbook


Scrapbook of Florida State College for Women student, Kathlyn Medora Monroe, class of 1918 (BA English). The scrapbook encompasses correspondence, photographs, programs, and ephemera related to her freshmen year at Florida State College for Women (1914-1915).

An article from the Flambeau, defining the word "crush" in a girls' school, with handwritten commentary from Kathlyn Medora Monroe

Monday November 30
Handwritten notes on Thanksgiving(?) dinner, the Thalian Minerva Reception, and the November 30 Senior-Normal game. Includes three captioned photographs of multiple FSCW students, identified by initials, with Kathlyn Medora Monroe identified as…

Monday is wash day at the FSWC
3 captioned photographs, 2 of FSCW students, one of "Cap Katzjammer," followed by an account of Kathlyn Medora Monroe's activities December 1-3, 1914